Farm To Family, refreshed!

Farm To Family, refreshed! is happy to rejoin Lisa and Farm To Family (Local Fare Barrie)Stone Horse Farms and Thorganic Farms Organic Grocery Store

Farm To Family is re-opening for online orders!
Now including Granolala in all three flavours, in the Pantry section. 

We encourage you to shop the many local producers showcased in 
Farm To Family - Local Fare Barrie 

And perhaps add some tasty Granolala to your order!
Place your order online (Monday through Thursday) then pick it up directly from the Thorganic Farms store location on Sunday morning.


Granolala Triple Flavour Pack - Original, Cranberry, Blueberry


Farm to Family Local Fare Barrie began in the difficult times of early Covid-19 restrictions when social protocols were challenging and many people were unable to source what they needed from local grocery stores. Lisa quickly launched Farm to Family as an extension of the existing Stone Horse Farms web store.

Products from a range of local suppliers were offered online each week and picked up each Sunday from the nearby Thorganic Farms location, which had freezer capacity and a roadside store in which the ordered goods were received, sorted and packed for customer pick-up.

The first week saw 30 orders, the next week was 90. That grew to almost 200 cars lined up each Sunday to collect their orders.

Not only did Farm To Family and Thorganic help many families get through those difficult Covid times, those families were also introduced to a wonderful range of local high quality products. The locally grown and prepared foods taste better and they appreciate the people and support that comes with shopping locally.

Granolala & Farm To Family

Granolala came along and in early 2023 Lisa graciously accepted Granolala Original into their online store, for which we treasure the show of support. We launched with a special promotion celebrating the availability of Granolala Original to Farm to Family customers.

Farm To Family Local Fare Barrie denouement, relaunch

Through 2023 summer and into Fall, Farm to Family became less busy as families were able to more directly source their local foods. Farm To Family Local Fare Barrie project was suspended in October 2023.

April 2024 marks the return to weekly operations!
Place your order Monday through Thursday, pick up your order on Sunday morning

Support Local, Shop Local

We encourage everyone in our region to continue to support your local neighbours. Seek out new-to-you places, vendors, suppliers and offerings in the area. Support local, it helps everyone!

Join Granolala at the local events we will be participating in and explore the range of foods, products, services and wonderful people in our communities!



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