Granolala and Tesori

Granolala is now available at Tesori

Thank you for supporting local


1212 Fox Hill St (side entrance)
Alcona (Innisfil) is pleased to support Sonia’s Tesori

Granolala is our premium blend of toasted oats, nuts and seeds
Made locally by Marion in Alcona (Innisfil)

Granolala is available in Original Flavour plus 
Cranberry and Blueberry Flavours
Granolala can be enjoyed with yogurt, on fruit, ice cream or pudding

We love it as our morning cereal with dairy or nut milk
Straight out of the bag it’s delicious as a snack
You can also make yummy creations with
recipes on the website

✅ Granolala has no added preservatives

✅ Granolala contains natural ingredients

✅ Granolala is always freshly made

✅ Granolala is made with care by Marion

✅ Granolala is freshly baked in our Inspected and Certified Kitchen kitchen has the required Green Pass from SMDHU 
The same Green Pass that restaurants must display 

✅ Granolala is made locally in Innisfil

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Granolala with Tesori logo



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