March 7, National Cereal Day!

March 7, National Cereal Day!

Celebrate Cereal Day with Granolala!

We can look back to the mid-1800's when Granula began. Breakfast cereal eventually became the basis of Kelloggs with Corn Flakes. Post began with Toasties and Grape-Nuts. Along the way Puffed Rice from Quaker appeared, Bran Flakes and Whole Wheat Flakes from Kellogg, plus Wheaties and Rice Krispies!

By the 1930s there certainly were plenty of breakfast cereal options!

Sweetened cereals arrived around 1940 and expanded through the 1950 era. Frosted Flakes, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Life Cereal and other sugar added cereals became mainstream 

Over the decades we have developed a better understanding of what makes a breakfast healthy

Granolala is tasty and nutritious without the added sugar. Intriguing Cinnamon flavours, Lightly sweetened with Natural Ontario Maple Syrup. Toasted oats, nuts and seeds.

Plenty of fruit in our Granolala Cranberry and Blueberry flavours!

Granolala Original, Cranberry, Blueberry
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