The online store, made for you!

The online store, made for you!

We want your online experience to be positive. Easy to choose and purchase Granolala, of course. But also informative and pleasant to explore

We put care into making Granolala for you and the shopping experience should reflect that care

While working to resolve several minor technical issues for the store with a Shopify support team, they provided this unprompted store review!

"By the way, I looked around your storefront, and I have to admit that... Your shop has a highly polished appearance. I adore how well-built it is

You undoubtedly took into account the purchasing experience of the customer while designing the store. It was simple to browse, and I will definitely tell my family and friends about your store
Charmaine F.

And while resolving a problem with Blog posts
"By the way I really like the color scheme and the design of your website

And recently
“I was checking your storefront in the meantime and I'd like to take this moment to congratulate you on your store! I'm in love with your choice of colour scheme. It's amazing how you used such a bold colour as red so smoothly in your store. Loved it!
Tai M.

Here is a peak at a small portion of the controls and settings that create

Configuring the online store is not just the web site
Granolala is also accessible through LinkPop and our Facebook shop

Granolala on LinkPop

If you have the Shop app (built by Shopify) search for Granolala to find us there

In addition to all the above, Granolala can be found in select retail stores and online sites including Facebook and Instagram. We will have more news as we continue to grow!
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