Marion makes Granolala for you locally, freshly baked

Where is your Granolala made?

Granolala participated in our first vendor event in February 2023.
We attended The Grange Hall in Lefroy with a number of other wonderful vendors. It was a great experience for us and we definitely learned a few things.

One moment that stood out was a customer’s question. “Where is your Granolala made?”
In that moment it became clear that where our Granolala is made is important to our customers. You want to know the story behind what you are about to buy.

Granolala is freshly baked by me, Marion, in my Certified kitchen located in Innisfil, Ontario.

We use professional grade equipment in our Certified kitchen with a personal touch. Having a Food Handler’s Certificate means I have successfully passed the food handling and preparation course. This is a requirement for everyone preparing and selling food to the public.

Being local to our customers offers us an opportunity to get to know them personally, discover what their favorite Granolala flavor is and whether they enjoy Granolala with yogurt, ice cream and even on it’s own for an afternoon snack.

The customer that day was happy to learn it was made locally by the person they were talking to and they gladly purchased their first package of Granolala!


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Where is your Granolala made?

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