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How to get your Granolala

The most economical way to get your Granolala is to pick it up from us directly  
We love to meet our customers and learn how you enjoy Granolala!

Within our local Innisfil area we offer free delivery to your door

Collaborate with neighbours and combine your Granolala orders
Better for everyone!

For customers in Barrie we charge a small delivery fee 

Tip: For Local delivery orders, please tap Add Delivery Details.
Include which days and times during the day you expect to be available to receive your order. This helps us schedule our deliveries.


Granolala is available in select retail stores
Click here to see where you can find Granolala on the shelf

Granolala participates in local vendor markets and events
See our Vendor Events section for dates and locations

For those farther away we offer shipping

Sending a single large Granolala product costs almost as much as shipping three or four together. Buy three or more large size of any flavour to get a built-in discount and enjoy more Granolala with each order! 

If you have questions about the best ways to receive your Granolala, tap our chat button and we will be happy to answer your questions

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Granolala in shipping box


Granolala is locally made in our Certified Kitchen in Innisfil

 How to get your Granolala

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