I know what is in it!

I know what is in it!

I am often asked about the ingredients in Granolala. Is this in it, is that included?

Often the questions are related to allergy or health concerns the person is living with 
Knowing exactly what is in Granolala is important to them 

People want to know what they’re eating 
Is it fresh?
Are there preservatives in it?
And so many other questions, some of which I can answer here 

✅ Granolala has no added preservatives

✅ It contains natural ingredients

✅ Granolala is always freshly made

✅ It’s made with care by me, Marion, and I have my Food Handler’s Certificate

✅ It’s freshly baked in my Certified Kitchen

Yes, Granolala.ca has the required Green Pass from SMDHU 
This document is visible in the window by our front door 
It’s the same Green Pass that restaurants must display 

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✅ Granolala is made locally in Innisfil

Granolala.ca is a member of Ontario Made

✅ Every package of Granolala includes the ingredients list on the back panel

✅ I can see the shapes of the ingredients!
The heat sealed Granolala package has a clear front panel
You can see what is inside!

We strive to do our best for every customer and that includes a lot of background work to ensure that Granolala is the absolute best it can be. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Granolala is a recipe I have been refining and enjoying for over a decade and I am thrilled to share it with you!

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