celebrates Granolala’s First Anniversary! celebrates Granolala’s First Anniversary! began just one year ago! It can be an overwhelming feeling that we have been offering Granolala to our customers for a year now. So much more growth ahead of us!

InnisfilToday has published an article celebrating this milestone anniversary for 

Beginning more than a decade ago, refining the recipe, and now offering Granolala in three flavours, we are thankful for all the support and encouragement. To every new customer, everyone who samples Granolala at an event, and all the repeat customers who purchase and enjoy Granolala in their homes, we appreciate you so very much!

This holiday season share Granolala with others. Send Granolala Gift Cards or ask us to deliver Granolala on your behalf!

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Marion and Granolala at local event


Granolala Three Flavours Original, Cranberry, Blueberry

We appreciate and support as they support our local community

You can join them here and be informed about happenings in and around our community

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