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The Story Behind Granolala

Granolala began in my kitchen over a decade ago.

As a health and fitness professional, I was looking for a healthy alternative to the cereals that were available in the grocery stores. Not finding anything I turned to my baking skills to create a healthy and naturally lightly sweetened granola mix.

The original recipe has changed so much over the years as I have experimented and Granolala has improved. Family and friends began placing orders and my house guests continue to give rave reviews.

When we travel I always pack some Granolala for a healthy breakfast or snack. 

I’m so happy to share Granolala with you. I hope you enjoy Granolala as much as I, my family and friends do.

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Granolala Original 375gram
Granolala is locally made in our Certified kitchen in Innisfil
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I recently tasted all 3 flavors of granolala and was pleasantly surprised at how both fresh and full of flavor it is. It is great added to yogurt or just on its own. No doubt it would be a great breakfast cereal or even added to ice cream as a topping. Yummy!! Such a wonderful product!

Anne Partridge

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