V shaped tall glass holding layers of yogurt and Granolala

Granolala Yogurt Breakfastini

Treat yourself or your loved one to this fancy breakfast dish

Granolala Breakfastini can be served in your favorite martini glass, classic wide champagne glass or pretty glass bowl.
Easy to make, almost too lovely to eat. I could look at it all day.
However it is a delicious breakfast or snack.

I chose Skyr, an Icelandic Style Yogurt, a favorite that is thicker than most yogurts and has more tang than sweetness to it.
The lightly sweetened Granolala balances the flavor of the yogurt perfectly. 

In a martini glass or glass dish of your choice, put a dollop of your favourite yogurt in the bottom and smooth out
Layer a few spoonfuls of Granolala on top 
Add more of your favourite yogurt and smooth the surface
Spread another layer of Granolala evenly on top

Take a large fresh strawberry and cut off the top
Invert strawberry and from the tip cut an X almost all the way down
Gently pry open the X cut
Inject a dollop of whipped cream into the strawberry X until it rises above the top

Place strawberry on top of the Granolala layer for a delicious breakfast or snack
Serve promptly after preparing


Your favourite yogurt
Whipped Cream
Perhaps a dusting of cinnamon 


Wide mouth bowl with layered Granolala and yogurt, straberry on top
Granolala Yogurt Breakfastini
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