Granolala Display Case

Granolala Display Case

This clear acrylic display case is excellent for showing Granolala in your retail location

  • Showcase for Granolala 
  • Clear front door
  • Keeps dust and critters out
  • Hinged at top so the door is self closing
  • Magnets hold the door closed
  • Lift handle for easy opening
  • Banner front is bright and colourful
  • Displays nine Granolala product
  • Door is removable
  • Compact footprint 36x22x27cm
Granolala Clear Display Case

Granolala product display case tips

Shoulder level location makes for easy door opening
and good product visibility 

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat

Coolish room temperature is best
Keep the flip-up door installed and closed to minimize dust
and creature entry
Clean the cabinet with soft cloth and gentle cleaning
Avoid harsh chemicals

These cabinets are stackable, with interlocking tabs
If you would like one or perhaps several, let us know

Granolala Display Case
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