Granolala available in Three Flavours, Original, Cranberry, Blueberry

Granolala on Faire Marketplace

Retailers and stores who are not yet using the Faire Wholesale Marketplace

Benefits available through 

If you are considering purchasing Granolala products, please get in touch

If your store is not yet using Faire Marketplace and you think you might want to, contact us directly

Use our special Faire Direct link to minimize commissions and receive other benefits

60 day payment terms

$100 credit on your first order

One year of free shipping for retailers who are new to Faire

Free returns on first orders, which we expect you will not need for Granolala!

Contact us if you have questions about buying Granolala from us directly or through Faire. We can answer your questions and help you begin as a retailer/store buyer on Faire 

If you would prefer to purchase Granolala for your store directly from us at we can certainly do that!

Scan our QR code to automatically configure your benefits as a Faire buyer!

Faire direct URL sign-up link (Granolala)
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