Even more reviews!

Even more reviews!

The granola is delicious!

"Not too sweet ... Just right

Great job on the recipe for your granola, Marion! 

It is quite good on its own... even better with fresh berries, yogurt... just about anything I think to mix in!
Michael H


We received our Granolala Triple Flavour Pack (Blueberry, Cranberry and Original) over the weekend.  Had the opportunity to dig into the cranberry today at lunch.  I mixed it into some fat free Greek yogurt.  All I can say is Wow!!!  Absolutely delicious by itself or in the yogurt!!  Can’t wait to try the other flavours!!

Ordering was seamless and customer service is awesome.  Great company to do business with.  Thanks again for a great customer experience and fantastic product!!

Best healthy snack / breakfast I’ve had!
Love your products!
Murray H


We ordered the 375g Cranberry Breakfast Blend. It's superb!
We use it with yogurt to keep it simple, the freshness and quality of the ingredients remain evident.
Great texture, crunch, and flavour portfolio!
5 Stars!
Liam L


I can highly recommend Granolala!
It is very tasty with just the right amount of sweetness and crunch
Magdalene V

This is a high quality & delicious product!
We enjoy the hearty, toasted, nutty, lightly sweetened taste & crunch. Addicting! 😋 
Cindi B

Hands down, the best tasting granola I've ever tried. Freshly toasted.
After tasting Granolala I just can't go back to boxed store bought granolas
A staple in my kitchen! 😋 
Leana B

So delicious, I can't go back to my old favourite.
Simply the best granola I've ever tasted. 
Leana H


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How refreshing to enjoy a snack or breakfast cereal that actually nourishes you! All three varieties of Granolala are delicious and made with ingredients you can read. Thank you Granolala!

larry Sherwood

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