More customer comments!

More customer comments!

Omg. This was a fantastic way to start my day!

Loving this new Granolala from Marion
So flavourful and natural tasting
Can't wait to taste the other flavors

Local company, check it out

Niki C

This is a delicious granola, my kids kept asking for more and trying to sneak it after breakfast.
We really enjoy Granolala and I recommend this to anyone that likes granola and wants to eat a delicious and filling meal or snack!
Wil B

The best granola! I love enjoying mine with yogurt and fresh berries for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.. yum!
Oh, and it’s toddler approved!
Way to go, Granolala  👏🏼
Andrea B

I bought some for my wife. She loved it so much that she brings some to work with her every day.
I find Granolala so tasty i can eat it right out of the bag. It's super healthy too, great for a light snack.
100% will be ordering more.
Robert G

We have tried a lot of different brands of granola over the years, 
Granolala has them beat hands down.
Such a great way to start your day.
This morning we added some to our Banana muffin batter, so good 🥰
Melody R

It’s very tasty. I've been putting it in my cereal.
Been trying to figure out which Granolala flavor I like the best. They're all good, but I think I like both berries.

My daughter is a picky eater and she's been eating it as well

I wish you were closer, I would be buying the triple pack every week
Loren P


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What a refreshingly tasty snack! Like most, I enjoy granola for breakfast with fruit and either cottage cheese or yoghurt. I am finding I even enjoy it as a treat after supper. My personal favorite is the blueberry because they seem to stay softer than do the cranberries. If chewy is what you like then you will like the sharp chewiness of the Cranberry mix. I have tried some roasted pistachios on top and it really complements the sweetness of granolala with a salty bite.


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