Granolala Flavours in shipping box

Positive comments from recent customers

I recently tasted all three flavors of Granolala and was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and full of flavor it is. Granolala is great added to yogurt or just on its own.
No doubt it would be a great breakfast cereal or even added to ice cream as a topping.
Yummy!! Such a wonderful product!
Anne P

Great product. Surprised Jim with three bags of Granolala wrapped and under the Christmas tree as you are our "local artist" this year.
The taste was amazing. Thanks so much.
Linda D

I just got my order!! It’s delicious
I am enjoying my Granolala with yogurt and blueberries
It is delicious, not too sweet and nicely filling
Thank you so much for this yummy breakfast 💜
Sheri R

Just had the cranberry mix with blueberries and loved it!
Rick M

Granolala for lunch, with fresh fruit

“Enjoying my Granolala lunch today!! It’s just not for breakfast!!”
It’s a refreshing change from salad.
Jen P

Granolala is a very light and tasty snack.
The website ordering was simple and easy. I wasn't sure which flavour to pick, so I ordered the triple flavour combo pack.
The zippered bags make easy work of storage in the kitchen or on a road trip.
Thanks Marion!
Loren P


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