If you are interested in selling Granolala in your retail store or market  location, please reach out to us 

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Click here to view our Retail Invitation PDF brochure supports our retailers and resellers
Granolala Promotional materials
Printed Shelf Talker Displays, Tent Cards and more
Defined wholesale pricing
Flexible invoicing and payment modes

Customized page on our web site just for you,
linked to the special QR code for your store

Granolala Mechandising support materials
Granolala Product with Merchandising materials & Samples

Promotion of your store on our web site and social media
Coordination and support for your in-store events
Cross promotion of your products

Granolala Shelf Display card with
QR tag specific to your store!
Granolala Vertical Shelf Talker QR coded example

See examples of Granolala product on display in some of our stores


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